Upload Files

  • You can upload graphics up to 800MB in size.
  • It is recommended that you compress your graphic, before uploading, to reduce upload time.
  • For PCs use WinZip, or something compatible with it.
  • For Macintosh use StuffIt, or something compatible with it.
  • Upload times depend on your upload speed. A 800 MB file at 1.5 Mbps (~183 KB/s) takes about 60 minutes.
  • Leaving this page before the upload is complete will abort the upload.
To upload your graphic:
1. Enter Your Name and Your Email Address in the fields below.
2. Click the Browse button to navigate to the graphic file you wish to upload.
3. Click the Upload Graphic button to start the upload.
4. The upload is complete when the "Upload Successful!" message appears.

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